Gopher’s Business Directory Works for New Zealand

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Gopher is a local New Zealand company that has made some big changes to how many companies do business. At, the company runs an online business directory that is quite different from how most companies are used to doing business.


Changing the Norm


No one expected a directory business to really take off in 2007. But it was the way Gopher did business that changed how their company fared over past directory endeavors. They used smart, home-grown programming and a common sense approach to the business to make it work.

The directory starts businesses new to the service by asking them to create a profile. This lists their business, their contact information, their industry and their location. All of this is used to make sure that customers who use the site are able to find the businesses and services they need without any obstacles getting in their way.


Customers search for the type of service they need in their area. Then the site provides them with search results that are relevant to their location. This means North Island Gopher users are finding North Island businesses, and Wellington companies are coming up in searches made by Wellington customers.


The alternative for many small and medium businesses is that they have to fight online obscurity by paying for ads or just hoping they get found. The Gopher directory is a high traffic site that increases point of sale contact between business and customer at an incredible rate over other means of Internet marketing.


More Than a Directory


Gopher quickly saw that many of the businesses it represented within its directory were still struggling to make their presence online noticed. For many companies, the directory is only a part of their business’ online activity. They have websites to run and linked content to create, but a great many of them are doing it blindly.


The Gopher team has years of experience in marketing and online sales, and they are offering their services through the website. This allows businesses of different sizes to spruce up their online content and step up their online game, improving their company’s visibility to their many potential customers. The services Gopher provides cover optimizing content for search engines like Google and designs attractive websites that encourage repeat visits. The services extend to social media as well. With the help of the Gopher team, businesses can ensure their Facebook, Twitter and other social pages reflect their company’s attitude and put a good face forward for the public.


Through, numerous small businesses have been able to become successful. The directory allows them to take their business online and reach an extended customer base. For many of them, the directory is far more cost-effective than using paying money for ad space.


For those hesitant to take the plunge and bring their business online, they should be aware that the Gopher site is home to hundreds of thousands of visitors over the course of the year, and that businesses which do have some sort of online presence see improved sales from when they operated solely offline.


Why Choose a Florist Delivery Auckland

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Anyone can walk into a shop, buy some flowers they have sitting there and present them to their loved one. There is nothing special about that and chances are the flowers have been on the shelf for days already, which means they’ll wilt within a few hours to a few days.

Choosing a florist delivery in Auckland not only ensures your loved one gets the freshest flowers, it is also a way to send a message along with a very pleasant surprise.

Anyone that has received flowers before knows that having flowers delivered to your door, whether at home or work, is a welcome surprise. It immediately makes you smile. There is something very special about receiving a florist delivery in Auckland compared to your loved one arriving at the door with a very tired bunch of flowers they purchased at the local shop.


The main reason people choose an Auckland florist delivery is because they don’t have the time to go to the florist themselves and pick a bouquet and deliver it in person.

Another reason could be the person purchasing the flowers doesn’t live in Auckland at all or they have a friend they want to surprise and think sending the flowers through the florist delivery service will give the surprise they are hoping to achieve.

This is one of the most convenient ways to let someone know you are thinking about them, they are perfect for any occasion and will make the lasting impression you are looking to achieve.

The great thing about a florist delivery in Auckland is it is perfect for your loved one, family member, friend and even someone you are not that close to but heard about their new promotion and wanted to congratulate them.

How to Book a Florist Delivery Auckland

Most florists in the Auckland area will give you the ability to visit their shop and place your order in person or to order via the telephone. Windsor Florist in Papakura have taken their ordering system to a new level and offer the ability for customers to order flowers through their website.

Windsor Florist believe in exceptional customer service and found that people looking for an Auckland florist delivery may not even be in the country and having the ability to choose what style of bouquet or arrangement they want and add any gifts to the order was a convenient way to give their customers what they wanted.

About Windsor Florist

Windsor Florist is based in Papakura and offer deliveries throughout the Auckland area. This is a well-known florist in the area and offers some of the most magnificent arrangements and bouquets available.

Ann, the owner and manager of Windsor Florist has won numerous awards including first place in the Interflora Designer of the Year – Auckland Division and a gold in the Ellerslie Flower Show – Florist Category.

Ann has sixteen years’ experience in the industry and has worked in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She is joined by Jodie and Elsie, who combined have a further seventeen years industry experience.


Take Care of Your Roof and It Will Take Care of You

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There is four words no homeowner wants to hear and that is “the roof is leaking.” The roof is one of the most expensive parts of your property, a leaking roof can cause extensive damage both to the structure of the property and your contents.

In some cases after a storm or if you notice water damage on the ceiling you need to find a company that offers re-roofing Auckland.

Annual Checks

Find a roofing company in Auckland that you trust and use them on a regular basis to carry out your roofing inspection. Regular roofing inspections can dramatically reduce the risk of further damage, any problems can be detected quickly and save you money in the long run.

If you think about it, your roof starts leaking, but you don’t notice it. Over time that leak works its way into the woodwork of your roof, slowly rotting the wood and causing mould. Now you don’t only have a roof repair to think about, you need to replace the rotten wood and remove the mould, this is money that could have been used for other maintenance around the home.


If you find your home’s roof is a material that tends to get damaged with every single storm that hits your area, it may be time to consider a re-roofing Auckland company to help you change your roof, saving you money.

One of the most popular re-roofing Auckland products is the long run roofing, this is a corrugated roofing which is considered lightweight, but is durable and can withstand the Auckland weather.

The re-roofing Auckland company places this long run roofing at a downwards angle on the roof, ensuring that during a rain storm, the water runs off the roof with ease, rather than collecting, which it may have been doing with your previous roof.

Spend Money Now Rather Than Spend a Fortune Later

If you feel your roof is not living up to your expectations and you find that you are having repairs carried out regularly, it may be financially feasible to choose a re-roofing Auckland company to come in and give you a quote on a completely new roof for your property.

When you add up the amount of money you have already spent on repairs and work that out looking forward, re-roofing may be a more affordable option. You can pay for the re-roofing and the risk of repairs are dramatically reduced.

Use a Reputable and Experienced Roofing Company

Finally for any re-roofing jobs it’s essential you use a reputable, knowledgeable and experienced roofing company. Riteline Roofing [], an Auckland based roofing company is a top choice with homes and businesses throughout the Auckland area.

With over twenty years’ experience, this family owned company has a team of professional roofers that pay careful attention to detail and work to very high standards.

Riteline Roofing only use top quality roofing and cladding products, ensuring every job is completed to perfection whether you’re looking at a new roof, re-roofing, repairs, maintenance or flashing.

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